As one of the country’s leading insurance brokers and risk advisors, M.D. Manouel Insurance Agency, Inc. is devoted to finding diverse individuals who are committed to the success of our clients and our organization.

We know the best way to provide world-class client service is to attract and retain the best talent in our industry. Our goal: to be a magnet for the industry’s best.

Working at M.D. Manouel Insurance Agency, Inc. means joining a team of diverse professionals, dedicated to helping clients manage some of the world’s most challenging and complex risks. Our rich history, dating back to 1974, has created a client-service culture that is second to none. In order to provide our clients with world class services we help colleagues grow through a number of accreditation and sales development programs.

Our commitments to diversity & inclusion as well as corporate social responsibility, including sustainability, demonstrate our commitment to stand for what is right. Additionally, M.D. Manouel Insurance Agency, Inc. colleagues have the advantage of partnering with colleagues from other affiliates, insurance companies, and industry-specific organizations to bring the best of the firm to their clients.

We are currently looking for qualified candidates for the following positions:

To apply for one of these above positions, please contact us via email or apply in person at:

M.D. Manouel Insurance Agency, Inc.
7447 N. First Street, Suite 101
Fresno, California 93720