Homogeneous and heterogenous associations, national franchises, and other groups that offer insurance, health benefits, and financial services to their members provide tremendous value.

Member organizations help their members obtain insurance from many sources and for a variety of reasons. For business networks and franchises, it is often necessary to meet requirements in contracts and other operating agreements. For business owners, it ensures a more stable and loyal workforce. It also helps strengthen the bonds between members and the organization.

For all of these groups, M.D. Manouel Insurance Agency, Inc. offers a full suite of business management solutions and insurance products that provide value and peace of mind to the organization and its valued members.

M.D. Manouel’s Specialty Programs Division (SPD) helps agricultural businesses, farm labor contractors, social service non-profit organizations, food service companies, restaurants, member groups, and other organizations provide independent contractors, franchisees, and affiliates with access to proper insurance and financial coverages.

SPD Solutions

We work with you to design sponsored insurance programs to meet needs, goals, and objectives such as:

  • Encouraging program participation and adding value to your affiliate network.
  • Ensuring your affiliates are protected.
  • Reducing your administrative responsibilities.

We provide the comprehensive and ongoing support you need by delivering:

  • Consultation to support risk mitigation objectives.
  • Marketing, technology, and communications to ensure successful program participation and reinforce key messages.
  • Service center support, with insurance-trained specialists who respond to questions on coverage, program needs and requirements, and other issues.

Employee Benefits & Health

Whether your association and/or organization is a small business, a midsize employer, or a multinational firm, M.D. Manouel can provide you with a comprehensive arsenal of health and benefit solutions.

We provide access to competitive market experts as well as national resources that advise on regulatory compliance, human resources, safety, and innovative benefit strategies.

Thank you for choosing M.D. Manouel Insurance as your trusted insurance and financial services advisor.