Karen Powell, CISR

Senior Account Manager — Commercial Lines

Karen joined MD Manouel in January 2018 as a commercial lines account manager.  She has been working in the Insurance business for over 30 years, starting out on the insurance carrier side of the industry for 15 years, then converting to the agency side after that.

Karen has a strong background servicing contractors, agriculture, mercantile, and sand & gravel trucking accounts. She has enjoyed working on very large commercial accounts as well as small growing accounts. Getting to know her customers and helping them to be covered for all possible exposures makes every day enjoyable and challenging for Karen. She also enjoys working closely with department co-workers because learning from collaboration, shared knowledge, and experiences makes working an everyday positive experience.

In her spare time she enjoys camping, horse riding trips, and gardening in the summer time which makes for relaxing summer evenings and weekends.

Email: kpowell@mdmig.com